What’s New at the Numi Foundation?

What’s New at the Numi Foundation?

It’s been a little while since our last post, so we wanted to fill you in on what we’re up to here at the Numi Foundation. We thought the best person to give you the news would be our new Foundation Director, so we sat down with Jocelyn Corbett over a cup of tea for an interview.


Numi: First, tell us a little about yourself. 

JC and tea

Jocelyn: My background is in working with small Bay Area nonprofits. I have worn many hats and worked to further many missions. Every organization I have worked for has had a strong focus on building and strengthening communities.  I am a people person and I fundamentally believe that we are stronger together than we are alone and that life is sweeter in community. Oakland has a particularly powerful community filled with a lot of  pride, dedication to justice, innovative businesses and vibrant culture, art and music.

N: How did you hear about the Numi Foundation?

J: I was working for Ashoka’s Youth Venture San Francisco Bay Area (which has now grown into Youth SEED) and Ahmed Rahim, Numi Organic Tea Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Alchemist was on our Advisory Council. Not only did Ahmed bring a ton of insight and value to Youth Venture, but I kept seeing him at community events and working sessions all over Oakland. I also began noticing Numi products had been donated to nonprofit fundraisers, or fundraisers were being held free of charge at the Numi Tea Garden.  It was clear to me that Numi was a company that was invested in its community. At that time the Numi Foundation was building its very first program – the Numi Curriculum. So a few years later when I heard that Numi had established a foundation, I knew this was an organization that was deeply committed to doing good in Oakland, and had been demonstrating that commitment for a long time.

N: What are you and the Numi Foundation focused on right now?

J: We’re really excited about developments in the Numi Curriculum. The Numi curricula are educational programs designed to celebrate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Oakland’s children. We believe that through participating in a wide range of multicultural educational experiences, children will have an appreciation for themselves, their family, theirs and others’ cultural heritage and their environment. Numi curricula incorporate art, nature and experiential education into the children’s lives, giving them an opportunity to tune into their natural potential as members of the community. Currently we have developed gardening and social studies curricula for grades K-5. We’re excited to develop a K-5 art program in 2014!

N: Thanks Jocelyn! And where can our readers go for more Numi Foundation news and updates?

J: My pleasure. And folks should sign up for our monthly newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be the first to know about the Numi Foundation’s new initiatives.