NUMI Curriculum

Designed in partnership with professional curriculum developers and Numi Organic Tea’s founders, the NUMI Curriculum brings nature, artistic expression, and social awareness to children in grades K-6.

Our organic garden curriculum currently impacts over 20,000 students a year throughout the SF Bay Area and Sonoma County, with a focus on Title 1/low-income elementary school students, and our new arts pilot with Oakland Unified supported over 2,000 young artists. The gardening program includes free access to our curricula and lesson plans (see link below), funding for field trips to local organic farms, school gardening kits, and stipends for instructors and garden stewards. We are always exploring ways to support even more schools and expand our network.

All three curricular focus areas meet common core standards for California Public Schools. They were created with flexibility in mind. Use lesson plans individually to enhance your thematic units, or engage in the entire curriculum with two lesson plans a week for 30 weeks. 

They were developed based on the following principles:

  • Children learn to respect and appreciate their family, community, cultural heritage, and environment when they actively participate in a wide range of creative, multicultural, and educational experiences.
  • By nurturing creativity and imagination, children develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and the ability to visualize new possibilities.
  • When children are equipped with a bigger toolbox of creative skills combined with cultural and environmental understanding, they are more likely to grow into socially conscientious individuals who value and appreciate nature and their community.
  • A community that is served by socially conscious individuals will benefit and thrive in a healthy way that benefits both the community, and the world at large.

These source books are offered in partnership with the Numi Foundation education team to support educators with trainings, professional development, field trips, consultations and more.

Gardening Grades K-6

Art Grades K-6

Social Studies Grades 1-6

“For children who live in “food deserts” and typically have to buy groceries in a liquor store, our gardening programs have provided a transformational leadership opportunity that combats childhood obesity and promotes healthy, nutritious lifestyles for both our students and their families.” – Reem Rahim, Co-Founder