Foundation co-founders Ahmed and Reem’s strong desire to give back didn’t start when the Foundation was formed: giving back is embedded in their business and cultural DNA.

“Growing up, I remember that our house was always full of guests for tea, extended stays… whatever our family and friends needed. Many family members came on visas without work, or as refugees, and stayed in our home for months, even years, until they got settled in America,” Ahmed recounts. Reem agrees, “It’s an intrinsic part of who we are, rooted in our family upbringing. The Foundation is an extension of our family’s generosity of spirit; we were taught to appreciate what we have, and to help those who are less fortunate.”

In addition to guiding and designing Numi Foundation’s programs, Reem and Ahmed both serve on numerous nonprofit boards, advise startup companies, donate tea to nonprofit organizations, and provide donations to causes that are aligned with the Foundation’s mission.