Iraq Summer School

Numi Foundation is honored to launch, with the partnership of Iraq Foundation, a new educational program in Baghdad, Iraq, birthplace of Numi Organic Tea’s founders, Reem Rahim Hassani & Ahmed Rahim. This program supports underserved, sixth-grade Iraqi students, many of which are orphans and war victims, with a summer school curriculum.

Iraq suffers from decades of war and suffering, leaving over 5 million children as orphans, 1 in 6 of Iraq’s population. Many of these children fall behind in school as a result of their displacement and trauma and are in danger of dropping out. The summer school program provides targeted support for students by addressing achievement gaps.

We recently completed a successful pilot of the program for 25 students in need and are currently planning ten future summer school programs given the intense need, as well as exploring other ways we can be of service. The pilot featured classes in English, Math, Science, and Art. The Art program was taught by a former child TV celebrity, was inspired by the NUMI Art Curriculum, and culminated in an exposition where the students proudly showcased their artwork. The program also featured two field trips to local museums and cultural sites to promote an appreciation for the nation’s history, culture, and traditions.

“We are overjoyed that we’re finally able to implement our founding vision of bringing education programs to children who are victims of war in Iraq. Education is a cornerstone for thriving, healthy, and peaceful communities, and we’re excited to collaborate with so many incredible leaders, supporters, and partners in this effort to empower children with educational programs.” -Ahmed Rahim, Chair & Co-founder of Numi Foundation