Social Studies Curriculum

Welcome to the Numi Foundation social studies lesson resource. Each of these source books provides teachers with units of study designed to fulfill common core standards. They are arranged thematically and each unit provides a series of lessons on a given subject. Teachers can work through this material sequentially to provide a broad scope of learning, or draw from it to inspire and enhance other curricula.

The Numi Foundation would like to thank all the open-source contributors to this curriculum. Our goal is to provide a wide range of creative, multicultural educational experiences, helping students develop a greater appreciation for their cultural heritage, environment, and a socially responsible perspective on history.

How to use the curriculum

We created the NUMI curriculum with flexibility in mind.  For after-school and extracurricular programs working with multiple ages of students, you might choose to download the entire K-6 curriculum and search for lessons by themes that you are working on.  For classroom teachers, you can download each grade-level independently and move through the entire curriculum which is designed with 2 related activities each week for the entire school year. 

Social Studies Master K-6
History, Civics and Government Grade 1-3
Holidays and Seasons Grade 1-3
Identity and Self-Esteem Grade 1-3
Identity and Self-Esteem Grade 4-6
US History and Government Grade 4-6