NUMI Curriculum

The NUMI Curriculum brings nature, artistic expression and social awareness to children in grades K-6. NUMI, in this context, stands for “Nature Underlies My Inspiration,” and brings original and imaginative art and nature-based curriculum to children in inner city schools. The Curriculum is currently taught by over 30 educators and meets Social Sciences and Language Arts content standards for California Public Schools. It was developed based on the following principles:

  • Children learn to respect, and have greater appreciation for their family, community, cultural heritage and environment when they participate in a wide range of creative, multi-cultural and educational experiences.
  • By nurturing creativity and imagination, children develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and the ability to visualize new possibilities.
  • When children are equipped with a bigger toolbox of creative skills combined with cultural and environmental understanding, they are more likely to grow into socially conscientious individuals who value and appreciate nature and their community.
  • A community that is served by socially conscious individuals will benefit and thrive in a globally healthy way.

Since fall of 2011, the Curriculum has been piloted in classrooms at Oakland’s Community School for Creative Education (CSCE), a Waldorf-inspired public charter school in East Oakland. In addition to providing teachers with our unique curriculum, the program provides teachers with grants for art and gardening supplies, and field trips.

“Art is part of our mission because we’re inspired by the ability that creativity has to heal people, and its capacity to instigate the right atmosphere to solve challenges.” – Reem Rahim, Co-Founder